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India Miniature Sheets/Souvenir Sheets


Year: 1973-2018



S.G. Scott Description Face value Issue date
Cost (INR)
- - - - Indian Telegraph Centenary (5v) Rs.63.25/- 01-11-1953 - -
MS704 599a International Philatelic Exhibition, New Delhi, INDIPEX '73 (2nd Issue) (4v imperf.) (size: 127x127 mm) Rs.4.65/- 14-11-1973 400/-
MS711 605a Indian Masks (4 stamps and Silver Ornamental Margins and Inscriptions) (size: 109x135 mm) Rs.3.70/- 03-10-1974 1,200/-
MS743 636a Centenary of Universal Postal Union (U.P.U.) (3v) (size: 108x108 mm) Rs.3.25/- 15-04-1974 1,500/-
MS1250 1162a India '89 International Stamp Exhibition (1st Issue), New Delhi (2v) (size: 157x59 mm) Rs.8/- 15-06-1987 175/-
MS1268 1181a India '89 International Stamp Exhibition, New Delhi (2nd Issue) (4v) (size: 100x87 mm) Rs.15/- 17-10-1987 800/-
MS1639 1535b India-South Africa Co-operation, Mahatma Gandhi (2v) (size: 68x82 mm) Rs.8/- 02-10-1995 250/-
MS1668 1564a Himalayan Ecology (4v) (size: 175x106 mm) Rs.30/- 10-05-1996 350/-
MS1756 1658 Mother Teresa 'SPEED POST' (1v) (size: 81x68 mm) Rs.45/- 15-12-1997 300/-
MS1917 1814a 'INDEPEX ASIANA 2000' Flora and Fauna of Manipur and Tripura (4v) (size: 160x112 mm) Rs.24/- 31-03-2000 175/-
MS1938 1834b 'INDEPEX ASIANA 2000' International Stamp Exhibition, Kolkata (2nd Issue) Migratory Birds (4v) (size: 157x114 mm) Rs.12/- 24-05-2000 175/-
MS1972 1863b Gems and Jewellery (6v) (size: 162x102 mm) Rs.15/- 07-12-2000 175/-
MS2065 1952a 150 years of Railways in India (1v) (size: 112 x75 mm) Rs.15/- 16-04-2002 80/-
MS2068 1953c 50th Anniversary of Diplomatic Relations between India and Japan (2v) (size: 100x70 mm) Rs.30/- 26-04-2002 100/-
MS2094 1978a UN Climate Change Convention (4v) (size: 192x85 mm) Rs.30/- 30-10-2002 150/-
MS2102 1983e Handicrafts of India (4v) (size: 100x100 mm) Rs.20/- 15-11-2002 100/-
MS2116 1995a Centenary of Man's First Flight Aero India 2003 (4v) (size: 144x95 mm) Rs.30/- 05-02-2003 300/-
MS2127 2002e Medicinal Plants of India (4v) (size: 130x80 mm) Rs.20/- 07-04-2003 200/-
MS2133 2007a Golden Voices of Yesteryears (4v) (size: 89x105 mm) Rs.20/- 15-05-2003 100/-
MS2135 2008a Golden Jubilee of the Ascent of Mount Everest by Tenzing Norgay (1v) (size: 74x97 mm) Rs.15/- 29-05-2003 100/-
MS2140 2012a Government Museum, Chennai (3v) (size: 161x73 mm) Rs.25/- 19-06-2003 80/-
MS2153 2024a Waterfalls of India (4v) (size: 134x87 mm) (size: 134x87 mm) Rs.30/- 03-10-2003 150/-
MS2171 2036a Snakes (4v) (size: mm) Rs.20/- 12-11-2003 175/-
MS2177 2040c India-France Artisanís Work Joint Issue (2v) (size: mm) Rs.44/- 29-11-2003 250/-
MS2187 2046d 50th Anniversary of Sangeet Natak Akademi (3v) (size: mm) Rs.15/- 22-12-2003 75/-
 MS2199 2059a I.N.S. Tarangini Circumnavigation Voyage (1v) (size: 109x81 mm) Rs.5/- 25-04-2004 250/-
MS2210 2067a The Great Trigonometrical Survey (3v) (size: 117x75 mm) Rs.15/- 27-06-2004 175/-
MS2228 2078e 150 Years of India Post (4v) (size: 222x114 mm) Rs.20/- 04-10-2004 75/-
MS2233 2081a Indian Army in UN Peacekeeping Operations (1v) (size: 99x99 mm) Rs.5/- 24-10-2004 75/-
MS2244 2089c The Aga Khan Award for Architecture (2v) (size: 234x105 mm) Rs.30/- 28-11-2004 60/-
MS2249 2093a 350th Anniversary of Completion of Taj Mahal (1v) (size: 98x143 mm) Rs.15/- 16-12-2004 50/-
MS2264 2101e Flora and Fauna of North East India (4v) (size: 109x100 mm) Rs.20/- 24-03-2005 45/-
MS2270 2103e 75th Anniversary of Salt March to Dandi (4v) (size: 127x166 mm) Rs.20/- 06-04-2005 45/-
- - 2101e 400 years of Sri Guru Granth Sahib (Postponed) (1v) Rs.10/- 16-06-2005 5,000/-
MS2287 2117e Letter Boxes - India Post 150 years (4v) (size: 164x118 mm) Rs.20/- 18-10-2005 50/-
MS2326 2151c Folk Dances (2v) (size: 146x92 mm) Rs.30/- 12-04-2006 75/-
MS2330 2154a Kurinji Flower (1v) (size: 125x84 mm) Rs.15/- 29-04-2006 50/-
MS2345 2167c Horse Sculptures (India-Mongolia Joint Issue) (2v) (size: 110x60 mm) Rs.30/- 11-09-2006 75/-
 MS2350 2168e Endangered Birds of India (4v) (size: 109x88 mm) Rs.20/- 05-10-2006 100/-
MS2362 2174c Childrenís Day (2v) (size: 72x133 mm) Rs.10/- 14-11-2006 75/-
MS2371 2179a Sandalwood Carving Elephant (1v) (size: 100x87 mm) Rs.15/- 13-12-2006 30/-



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